What is a Dog Mom?

Cute picture of a Great Dane puppy being held by a tattooed dog mom with a full sleeve outside in their fenced in backyard in Baltimore, Maryland near Waverly.

If you are a dog lover, odds are you know someone who fits the description of “dog mom”. Are your dogs your kids? If you answered “yes” – there is a good chance that you’re probably dog mom.

Written by J.B. Shepard, professional pet photographer, amateur dog mom gift enthusiast, and founder of the Puptrait Studio in Baltimore, Maryland.

Dog Mom (dôɡ mäm) noun:

1. An informal and affectionate term for a dog lover that identifies as female and believes that her pets are “fur kids”. While some dog owners may never think of their dogs as their children, dog moms are an entirely different breed. Dog moms don’t just live with a dog, they think of their dogs as members of their immediate cross-species family, nurturing their “fur babies” like they are human crotch goblins.

Dog Mom synonyms: Crazy Dog Lady, Fur Mamma, Pack Parent, Queen of Thumbs, Pupper Parent, Head of the Howlhold, Matron of Mutts, Litter Lady, the Mother of Dogons

a great dane puppy napping after a play date
If you saw this photo and thought “Awww Frito feet”… you’re probably a dog mom

21 Signs You Might Be a Dog Mom (or Dog Dad)

1. Your parents refer to your dog as their “grandchild”

Even if you say this only jokingly – odds are you’re probably a dog mom. Double points if you do this even though you also have human children.

2. Your dog has a good side

If you have taken enough dog pictures that you know what are your pup’s best selfy angles, ever commissioned a custom dog portrait, visited a dog friendly photo studio, or even went so far as to tap a famous dog photographer to immortalize your pup – you’re probably a dog mom.

3. Corn chips make you sentimental

If a stroll through the snack aisle at your local grocer or the smell of a bowl of tortilla chips triggers fond memories of when you first brought your pup home – you’re probably a dog mom.

4. Your dog eats better than you do

If you’ve ever purchased premium dog food or treats for your pet, but you usually buy “store brand” food or plan meals around whatever is on sale when feeding yourself – you’re probably a dog mom.

5. You make your own dog treats

If you have a favorite dog biscuit recipe or take the time to dehydrate meat to make your own dog jerky treats – you’re probably a dog mom.

6. Your dog goes to daycare

If you drop your pup off at a dog spa or doggy day care on your commute to work, or if you hire a dog walker to play with your pup when you’re at the office – you’re probably a dog mom.

7. You have other children, but the dog is your favorite

If your dog is secretly (or not so secretly) your favorite – you’re probably a dog mom.

8. You make play dates for your dog

If your dog has a “best friend” or buddy that you regularly visit simply for your dog to hang out and play with – you’re probably a dog mom.

9. You’ve shown strangers pictures of your dog

If you have ever whipped out your phone to show total strangers cute puppy pictures – you’re probably a dog mom.

10. Your dog has their own Instagram account

If your dog has an active social media presence and their own Instagram followers (especially those that you’ve never met), despite not having any thumbs to type with – you’re probably a dog mom.

11. You give your dog presents

If you’ve celebrated your dog’s Gotcha Day or Birthday with a gift or bought something while out shopping for other things because you know your dog would absolutely love it – you’re probably a dog mom.

12. You have conversations with your dog

If you talk to your dog like they understand you – you’re probably a crazy dog lady (and a dog mom). That said, if you talk to your dog and they talk back you might just be crazy – and a dog mom.

13. Your vacation plans involve your dog

If you’ve ever decided not to take a trip because you couldn’t bring your dog or you have ever made travel plans around your dog – you’re probably a dog mom.

14. Your social life involves your dog

If you go to restaurants with dog friendly patio seating, shop at stores specifically because they allow companion dogs inside, or plan social activities with friends around your ability to bring your dog – you’re probably a dog mom.

15. You dress your dog up in costumes

Most dog owners have at least one costume for their dog. But if you have multiple costumes or regularly dress your dog up to celebrate holidays like Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day or Christmas – you’re probably a dog mom.

16. Your dog has a stroller

If your idea of taking your dog for a “walk” involves pushing them around in a baby carriage or carrying them in a bag / purse – you’re probably a dog mom.

17. You sleep with your dog

If your dog has their own side or corner of your bed – you’re probably a dog mom. If your spouse sleeps downstairs on the couch because there is no room for all of the dogs and them – you’re probably a dog mom.

18. Your dog has your last name

If someone asks for your dogs name, whether while signing in at the vets office or during casual conversation – you’re probably a dog mom.

19. Your restaurant plans involve doggy bags

If you’ve ever ordered a meal at a restaurant specifically because you know your dog would enjoy the left overs or opted against ordering a dish because it included ingredients not safe for your dog – you’re probably a dog mom.

20. You moved for better dog amenities

If access to a specific dog park or a fenced in yard were a factor when shopping for a home or renting an apartment – you’re probably a dog mom.

21. You want to be one!

If you’re committed to nurturing your dog, feel like your favorite fur-ball is a member of your family, and identify as female – guess what? You’re a dog mom!

Don’t Forget Dog Moms on Mother’s Day

2019 Mother’s Day is Sunday May 12th. If your mom is a dog mom or if you simply want to celebrate your own relationship with your fur baby, be sure to check out our dog blog’s guide to Mother’s Day Gifts for Dog Moms.

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Photo of professional pet photographer, J.B. Shepard, in front of the Baltimore Inner Harbor, seen posing with a pit bull rescue dog from a local foster group.

About the author: J.B. Shepard, is a professional pet photographer, dog advocate, and founder of the Puptrait Studio. J.B. lives in Hampden, with his wife and two rescue dogs — George (a Boggle – Beagle / Boxer mix) and Lucky (a Jack Russell Terrier).

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