Portrait of an English Bulldog wearing an oversized ruff collar photographed at Puptrait, a dog friendly photography studio located in Baltimore, Maryland

Best Friends Deserve More Than a Snapshot

Stunningly Creative Dog Art Captured in Camera with Practical FX

Working unrushed within a controlled and dog-safe environment allows us to plan, light and photograph pets on their terms and at a pace they are comfortable with. It is our ability to focus on these more nuanced and conceptual details that consistently breathes so much life into our pet portraits.

Photographic portrait of a senior Staffordshire Pit Bull Terrier wearing a black Elizabethan ruff collar take a the Puptrait Studio in Baltimore, MD

Exclusive Pet Costume Designs

Home of the World Famous Paper Hat Sessions

Puptrait is the exclusive home of the Paper Hats collection.

Each of these custom fit costume pieces is personally designed and crafted by our studio founder and master pet photographer, J.B. Shepard.

Painstakingly made by hand over the course of several days, often from multiple layers of upcycled post-consumer paper scraps and other carefully selected found materials, this organic process ensures that no two Paper Hats are ever the same.

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Large print portrait of a smiling dog against a red background wearing a white top hat

Better Photos Allow for Larger Prints

Big & Bold Pet Art is Our Specialty

Big prints are a big deal.

Our studio's ability to produce great looking large format prints says a lot about how we work and the quality of dog portraits we create.

When printing in larger formats, you can't waste pixels and your photos can't have anything to hide. Which is why we work tightly within frames utilizing minimal cropping and remain dedicated to getting things right in camera.

More importantly, printing large means that our creations must be interesting and engaging enough to merit hanging prominently. And, it is this emphasis on printing big that drives our studio to create gallery quality pieces befitting even the most distinguished personal art collections.

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How We Work

a Step-by-Step Guide to Commissioning a Puptrait

Schedule a Session Time

Sessions are by appointment only and can be scheduled through our website's digital calendar on a first come, first served basis.

Unsure about planning around your groomer's availability? No problem. Pet portrait patrons may reschedule once to any future available date with 48 hours notice for no additional charge by calling 443.604.0711.

Initial Phone Consult

We call all portrait clients prior to their session date to walk through shoot details, answer any questions you might have, get a basic feel for your personal style / preference, and really just help ensure everyone is ready for your pup's big day. In preparation for Paper Hat sessions, we will also take a moment at this time to walk through through the basic measurements and relevant attributes of your pup (coat / color, weight, height, collar size, ear type, etc.).

Costume Design

To help expedite the build process, we typically ask clients to supply measurements for most custom fittings over the phone. However, if you would prefer for us to measure your dog directly, you are welcome to schedule a complimentary in-person fitting for your pup.

Please note we require a minimum of two weeks from when we receive measurements to allow ample time for ideation and planning, material harvesting and prep, assemblage, and drying.


Pet portrait sessions typically last anywhere between 1.5 - 2 hours in total -- with young puppy and super senior session running a bit shorter to maintain their comfort levels. We typically spend the first 15-30 minutes of this time working with the dog without a camera, building trust and getting to know the dog's specific temperament, behaviors and learned commands. Depending on the nature of the shoot and how often we break between sets, we may take anywhere from 100 to 300 photos during your session.


Photo Processing & Proofing 

Following your pet portrait session we will curate the hundreds of captures from your session and select the absolute best dozen or so photos of your dog. These selections will then be processed in preparation for printing, resized and uploaded to a dedicated password protected proof page.

Regardless of the style of pet portrait you choose, our post production and proofing processes typically take roughly a week to complete, occasionally a little longer depending on the time of year and how busy we are.

Please note that clients are free to download and share their web-friendly sized watermarked proofs with friends and on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Virtual Print Consult

We do not require clients to return to the studio for print consultations. We've found that discussing images over the phone tends to put less pressure on clients to make impulse purchases and is generally just easier and more convenient for everyone involved.

During your print consult we will discuss what images you prefer, where you are thinking of hanging your prints, and walkthrough your various size and mounting options. These calls typically take around 20 minutes to complete, but the duration really just depends on the client and what questions, if any, that they might have.

If following your consult you decide to purchase prints, we will email an itemized invoice of your order for you to review. When you are ready to move forward, simply follow the online payment instructions and as soon as we receive confirmation of payment, we will set to work manufacturing your prints.

Free Delivery

All listed print prices include standard shipping to the contiguous United States. Unless otherwise requested by a client, we require signature on delivery for all mounted print shipments.

Book Now & We'll Match Your Deposit

No Minimum Print Order Commitment Required

Schedule a Classic Pet Portrait Session or costumed Paper Hats & Ruff Session today and receive a complimentary print credit equal to your paid deposit.

Deposit matched print credits can be applied to any print size or mounting. No order minimum required.

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For best results we strongly encourage only ONE dog per portrait session.


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