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Paper Hats by Puptrait

Uniquely Inspired Studio Pet Photography

Merging exclusive costume designs with inspired concepts and flawless execution, Paper Hat pet portraits elevate studio dog photography into an art form.

Fancy pet portrait from a photo of a senior pit bull taken at the Puptrait Studio in Baltimore, Maryland.

Stunningly Creative Dog Portraits

Masterfully Composed & Captured in Camera

Every paper hat is in itself a unique piece of art. In fact, no two hats are ever the same. Each costume piece is handmade by our studio founder and pet photographer J.B. Shepard from upcycled post consumer paper products – including old newspapers, beer boxes, paper plates and junk mail.

The unique coloration and design patterns decorating the hats is composed entirely from careful placement of different color slips of paper. Once assembled these hats are not dyed or painted, resulting in a vibrant texture and spontaneous patterning that is truly like nothing else.

This time intensive process requires 3 to 5 days on average (depending on complexity and size) for assembly and drying before the pieces are ready to be worn and photographed. Being made from paper, these delicate pet costumed can only be used a handful of times - often only once - before being retired forever.

Adorable photo of a senior Golden retriever wearing a blue top hat at a jaunty angle.

Reveal Distinctly Candid Expressions

Without Compromising Lighting or Image Clarity

The success of Paper Hats hinges on our studio's consent approach to animal handling. Purposely not secured or strapped down in any way, our signature pet costumes are intended to be worn for only seconds at a time. And, there is a good reason for this.

Dogs are naturally inclined to engage with humans, often passively or in a reactionary way. Which is why most dogs, when engaged with a camera, present only one of two expressions - either "What is my next command?" or "Is that treat for me?".

But by utilizing unsecured costumes and props, we allow the dog agency. Freeing the subject momentarily to disengage from the handler's command, this approach allows pup to instead engage and interact directly with props and costumes. While these moments are fleeting, they are significant in that they provide a glimpse into the dog's true personality.

Cute photo of a smiling American Pit Bull Terrier wearing a Baroque inspired Elizabethan style ruff collar.

Custom Pet Costume Designs

Styles & Fits Made Specifically for Your Dog

Our private pet portrait clients are free to choose from our ready selection of paper hats, crowns, and collars – and may use these pre-made costume pieces in their Puptrait studio session at no additional charge. Our ready made collection of paper hats are available exclusively for use in studio and contain a variety of unique designs, patterns and sizes that are regularly updated as new hats are created or retired.

Clients looking for a specific look or specialized design for their dog portrait session are encouraged to commission a custom designed piece. Please contact the studio directly (443.604.0711) for pricing and availability.

Please note that we require a minimum of one week from booking to scheduled session date for construction of custom paper hat commissions. More sophisticated designs or custom projects that require specific materials may require additional notice.

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