Photo of a fawn colored dog smiling while wearing a white tophat against a red background

Pet Portraits by Puptrait

Puptrait is an internationally recognized pet photography studio located in the heart of Baltimore, Maryland. World renowned for strikingly anthropomorphic dog portraits, which often feature exclusive costumes and props handmade from eco-friendly found and upcycled materials.

Currently accepting pet portrait commissions by appointment only.


Costumed or Classic?

Our Sitting Fee is the Same Regardless of Session Type

Working in a nearly limitless variety of shooting styles and aesthetics, Puptrait specializes in crafting inspired and imaginative art pieces that any true dog lover will cherish for a lifetime.

Photo of a Chihuahua / house mix dog glowing pink against a yellow background.

Classic Studio Sessions

Professional Dog Portraits Photographed in Studio

Our Baltimore studio location isn't just dog friendly, it is used exclusively for the purpose of photographing dogs. Dogs of all sizes, breeds, ages, mobility levels, temperaments, and training levels are welcome.

We allot up to 2 hours per studio session and a minimum of 1 hour padding between clients. This policy is intended to prevent any surprise introductions between our canine guests and ensure a stress-free shooting environment -- allowing pups (and their caretakers) to work with us unrushed and at their own pace.

To help ensure that we maintain a safe, calm and distraction free environment for all of our guests, we never allow cats, birds, ferrets, lizards, goats or other pets / livestock animals in the studio that may leave behind lingering scents that some of our guests might find strange or excitable.

We love working with service animals and we're happy to say that our building, parking, and restroom facilities are all wheelchair accessible.

Portrait of a piebald American Pitbull Staffordshire Terrier mix rescue dog smiling and wearing a ruff collar made from newspaper against a black background

Paper Hat Sessions

Costumed Pet Portraits Photographed in Studio

As seen in USA Today, iHeartDogs.com and countless other news outlets from around the world, Paper Hats is the signature eco-friendly portrait concept that put our studio on the map.

Each piece is handmade by our studio founder and master pet photographer, J.B. Shepard, from upcycled post consumer paper products – including old newspapers, cardboard boxes, paper plates, junk mail and an assortment of other reclaimed materials.

Paper Hats are never dyed or painted. Instead, the distinct coloration and patterning decorating our Paper Hat costumes are composed entirely from carefully sorted and meticulously arranged scraps of colorful newsprint. Once assembled, Paper Hats are then captured in camera being worn by our canine subjects. The combination of our organic assembly process and the spontaneous nature inherent of costumed pet shoots, ensures that every Paper Hat session results in a truly unique piece of art.

Please note that the sitting fee for a Paper Hat session includes both the cost of the shoot and the creation of an artist-inspired custom fit costume piece made specifically for your dog.


Dog Photography Done Differently

Unrushed One-On-One Studio Sessions

We allot up to 2 hours per studio session to provide pups (and their caretakers) sufficient time to acclimate to our studio and collaborate with us at their own pace. And, to prevent surprise / excitable introductions between our canine guests, all puptrait sessions are booked strictly by appointment only with a minimum of 1 hour padding between clients.

Convenient Session Availability

We are available to shoot 7 days a week from 12PM until 10 PM. To schedule a pet portrait session or to view studio availability please use the online scheduling app located below.

Our building is ADA accessible, featuring both ramp and elevator access. We are approximately a 7 minute walk away from the Woodberry Light Rail station. Free lot parking is available on site.

Elderly & Sick Dog Accommodations

We have worked with many dogs with mobility and other health-related issues, and have become quite adept at structuring sessions that minimize potential pain points and stress triggers. We offer priority booking to dogs sick with potentially terminal illnesses and in instances where a pup is scheduled for treatments that may alter their appearance, such as chemo or radiation therapy.

Pay Only for Prints

Meet your minimum post shoot print commitment within 30 days of receiving your digital proofs and we will waive all sitting fees for your private pet portrait session.

Professional Pet Photographers

Photographing dogs isn't just something we do - it's all we do. We don't photograph weddings, people or work with other pets. Our dog friendly photography studio is shed aware, bark happy, and reactive resistant. Making it a happy and safe place for dogs of all ages, sizes, temperaments, and training levels.

Masterful Lighting & Photo Editing

Our studio's collection of photo and lighting equipment was assembled singularly for the purpose of photographing dogs. In fact, many of the reflectors and light modifiers that we use on a day-to-day basis were designed and fabricated by our studio, specifically tailored to optimally capture the fur and snout details in our canine subjects.

Exclusive Costume Designs

Puptrait is the only place you can find Paper Hats, our signature collection of dog costumes made entirely from upcycled and found materials. Paper Hats achieve their unique geometric patterning and coloration from the careful sorting and placement of newsprint clippings. This organic and spontaneous fabrication process ensures that each Paper Hat is a one-of-a-kind pet costume piece, lending for a truly unique pet portrait experience.

Online Proofing & Digital Downloads

We understand how important sharing your new photos on Instagram and Facebook can be. Which is why all Puptrait clients receive mobile friendly web ready sized digital copies of the highlights from their session.

Dog Lovers Love Puptrait

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For best results we strongly encourage only ONE dog per portrait session.