About Puptrait | Maryland & Washington D.C.’s Favorite Dog Friendly Photography Studio

About Puptrait

Maryland & Washington D.C.'s First Dogs Only Photography Studio

As companions, dogs serve a very important role in our lives.

Dogs remind us to be happy.

And, if a dog's purpose is to find those little things that make our lives that much more interesting, shouldn't their portraits be just as curious and inspiring?

We like to think so.

Puptrait was founded with the purpose of celebrating this unique life enriching perspective. Developing stunningly creative and engaging pet portrait concepts and crafting high quality large format photo prints - our studio specializes in making unique and captivating fine art pieces that any true dog lover will cherish for a lifetime.

Whether you're visiting our dog friendly studio in Baltimore or working with us on locations throughout all of Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia, you can depend on Puptrait to bring out the very best in your pet.

Learn more about Puptrait's founder and creative lead, J.B. Shepard.