Will other dogs be at my studio session?

We only allow one dog in the studio at a time. It’s one of the main reasons why our studio hours are by appointment only.

Why are your dog portrait sessions by appointment only?

By maintaining a carefully planned schedule, we are able to ensure that every client receives at minimum of one hour padding before and after their session. Effectively minimizing the risk of distractions and surprise introductions between our furry guests. This approach to scheduling limits the number of dogs that we can shoot in a day, but provides a more relaxed and unrushed shooting environment.

Appointments make it easier for us to work with anxious and aggressive dogs

Not every dog likes other dogs. Some dogs are anxious by nature. Many are still working on their leash aggression. Some dogs like other dogs too much and take forever to calm down after meeting a new furry friend.  Any way that you cut it, dedicated sessions are one of the easiest ways to help encourage a safe and calm environment for us to better photograph dogs.

How flexible are session appointment times?

We strive to be as flexible as possible for our clients. But it is important that we are respectful of the needs of all of our clients that visit our studio. To help minimize interruptions and the risk of surprise introductions, we strongly discourage clients from arriving more than 10 minutes prior to their scheduled session time.

What is there to do around the Puptrait Studio?

The Puptrait Studio is located in the Baltimore neighborhood of Hampden. Baltimore is a fairly dog friendly town in general, but Hampden really takes the cake. We have a number of great dog friendly restaurants, bars, coffeeshops, and independently owned retail stores (book stores, antique stores, even furniture stores) within short walking distance of our studio.

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