Hampden’s Dog Avenue Project

Beautifying Baltimore's Most Dog Friendly Neighborhood One Pole At a Time

Introducing the 2019 Light Pole Banner Art (LPBA) Project

The Light Pole Banner Art (LPBA) Project is an effort to bring something interesting to the streetscape in Hampden’s business district.

Why are there dog banners in Hampden?

Once simple slices of color brightening our neighborhood's most prominent pedestrian friendly destinations, the banner brackets hanging from the street light poles that run along the Avenue (36th Street) are now empty and have been left in various states of disrepair due to years of neglect.

The LPBA Project sets to repair Hampden's light pole banners and beautify the Avenue with a rotating series of art featuring the work of photographers, illustrators, designers and other local artists. This year's LPBA project was made possible with support from the Hampden Community Council and Hampden Village Merchant Association, and was spearheaded by Dan Harvey, owner of the Hampden based Cotton Duck Title Company, in collaboration with local pet photographer, J.B. Shepard.

2019 LPBA Theme: Dog Avenue

the City Paw Project - Celebrating Dogs & Baltimore Pride

Celebrating Dogs & Baltimore Pride: the PawCity Project

Stamped at the top of each banner is an icon merging the outline of Baltimore City with that of a puppy's paw. Crafted by J.B. Shepard, this iconic design is the hallmark of the PawCity Project.

The goal of the PawCity Project is to celebrate the dogs of Baltimore and help dog owners identify dog friendly locations, establishments, and events throughout Charm City. Often appearing in unexpected locations and displayed with little to no explanation throughout Hampden and other dog friendly neighborhoods of Baltimore, the PawCity icon is intended as a subtle reminder and celebration of the importance of dogs in our lives.

Dog Avenue marks the inaugural installation and official launch of the PawCity project. Though, some eagle eyed dog lovers may spot the PawCity icon already popping up in other locations and neighborhoods throughout Baltimore.

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A blend of an outline of Baltimore City and the outline of a Dog Paw, the Pawtimore is a subtle nod to the dogs of Baltimore

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Meet the Stars of Hampden's Dog Avenue

Introducing the pups featured in 2019's LPBA banner project