Print Price Increase Coming Soon

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We wanted to give a quick heads up to our existing and future Puptrait clients that on May 1st prices are going to increase across all print and mounting product lines. Based on discussions with our printer partners, we anticipate most price increases will be roughly 20% higher than current rates.

We are holding out as long as possibly can to avoid passing on price increases to our customers, but due to continued supply chain and various other market disruptions we simply can’t absorb the dramatic price increases we are seeing across the board. Please know we are absorbing as much of the cost as we can to keep our prices accessible and we will continue to review our pricing moving forward.

Please note if you have an existing price quote from us we are going to honor that for 30 days from the time the quote was given. All new quotes will be given the increased pricing if the order is placed on May 1st or later.

If you are an existing Puptrait client and have been considering ordering reprints or additional prints from your session we strongly encourage you to contact the studio and place your order prior to May 1st.

Questions? Call us at 443.604.0711

Thank you to all the clients who have and continue to support our studio. We appreciate understanding!

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