Paper Hats, a Whimsical Pet Portrait Series

The goal of Paper Hats is to show that all anyone or anything needs to shine is a second chance.

Whether it’s a foster dog who was dealt a rough hand or a newspaper circular printed only to be never read, our goal with Paper Hats to to prove how with a little love, patience and creativity that all rescue dogs have the potential to be amazing companions.

Our approach for the series was pretty straightforward. We raided our recycling bin for materials (newspaper, paper plates, even a few plastic cups) and designed elaborate headdresses and collars for rescue and foster dogs.

“All anyone really needs to shine is a second chance…”

For prints or licensing info please contact the studio directly by emailing paperhats@puptrait.com

Photo of a Boggle dog (Boxer Beagle mix) wearing a colorful dunce cap modeled after Pablo Picasso's "the Fool"

Doberman puppy photo wearing papermache goggles. Senior yellow lab looking very regal with her floof and golden crown. The crown is made from newspaper and gets its shiny yellow texture from a yellow crayon. Cocker Spaniel wearing a trilby that looks remarkably like Kid Rock. Adorably stag headed teacup chihuahua rocking a giant blue top hat. A photo os a smiling pitbull with wearing a golden crown and special looking sash. His glowing golden heart is visible. A wild eyed senior pug wearing a crazy colored top hat made from news print and paper mache. Photo of a cute little senior miniature schnauzer terrier wearing a colorful hat. Her mustache is quite adorable.Black and white dog photo featuring an Italian mastiff in tophat featuring lots of interesting textures and triangle patterns. Photo of a sugar faced pit bull senior dog wearing a Sphinx inspired headdress. Sakai from Blue Pit BBQ in Hampden wearing a white chef hat. A smiling pit bull with cute brown ears wearing a very tall blue and red crown. Cute dog photo featuring an adorable brindle staffy rescue mix wearing a hat shaped like a man in a row boat. Cute black lan wearing a colorful pink tophat. An adorable rescue dog mix wearing a fedora. He looks like an old man you might expect to find at a race track gambling on horses, like at the Preakness Stakes help annually at the Pimlico Race Track in Baltimore as part of the Triple Crown. A smiley American bulldog mix wearing a clown collar made out of news paper. The dog has a really long tongue and funky little eyebrows. An angry but cute looking black bull dog pit bull mix puppy wearing a golden crown. His eyes are yellow and glowing. A blue eyed grey and blue brindled apple headed Chihuahua wearing a tiny Baltimore Orioles baseball cap. Fun loving white furred pitbull wearing a tall blue top hat. Judy Garland's portrait is featured along the brim of the hat. OG dog photo. Picture of Chihuahua rocking a flat back Baltimore Orioles baseball cap. Baroque inspired art dog portrait captured at a dog friendly photo studio in Baltimore. The large piebald pit bull dog os wearing an elaborate Elizabethan style ruff collar. Very creative!

Schedule a Paper Hat session for your favorite pup

Interested in bringing your own dog by our studio to sit for a Paper Hat portrait session? We continually update our collection of Paper Hats with new costume designs. There is no additional charge for using one of our ready made Paper Hats during a private pet portrait session at the Puptrait Studio. We simply ask that if you use a Paper Hat during your session that you sign a release and allow us to include your dog in our future fundraising and promotional efforts.