Archie the Mutt from Doubledutch Boutique

Photo of banner from Dog Avenue on 36th Street in Hampden featuring Archie from Doubledutch Boutique.

Archie the Balti-mutt

from Doubledutch Boutique

Name: Archie a.k.a. Chancho, The Duke of Dishevelment, The Sphinx of Stinks
Breed: Balti-mutt
Age: 6 years old

Hailing from the wilds of W. Virginia, Archie was a pound puppy brought east by MAS Rescue. Upon adoption he quickly adapted to a relatively care free lifestyle. He is a 2013 Obedience School graduate.

Turn Ons: shearing tennis balls, car rides, rabbit research and table scrap liberation

Turn Offs: bathing, nail trimming, core temperature readings, cats

Favorite Quote: “Thou callest me a dog before thou hast cause. But since I am a dog, beware my fangs.” William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice

Archie is a friend of Doubledutch Boutique
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1021 West 36th Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21211

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