Maddy the Norwegian Elkhound from Holy Frijoles

Photo of banner from Dog Avenue on 36th Street in Hampden featuring Maddy from Holy Frijoles

Maddy the Norwegian Elkhound mix

from Holy Frijoles

Name: Maddy aka "Mouse" aka "Puppin'"
Breed: Norwegian Elkhound mix
Age: 13 years old
Description: Maddy was adopted from the Hampden SPCA in 2008. Her interests include hiking, rolling around in hay, and snoozing on pillow mountains. She is a vigilant member of the snack patrol. She currently resides in Baltimore with her pack: 2 goats, an aquatic turtle, a cat, and her proud human parents. Her favorite fragrance is "eau de dead earthworm".

Maddy is a friend of Holy Frijoles
Mexican eatery, local watering-hole and pinball arcade.
908 West 36th Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21211

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