Sakai the Pit Bull from Blue Pit BBQ

Photo of banner from Dog Avenue on 36th Street in Hampden featuring Sakai from Blue Pit BBQ and Whiskey Bar.

Sakai the Pit Bull

from Blue Pit BBQ

Name: Sakai
Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier
Age: 5.5 years old
Description: Sakai is the blue pit of Blue Pit BBQ. He lives in Hampden with his two cats, Buck & Birdie, where he sleeps late, lays in the sun and is generally pretty lazy. When he is up he loves long walks, playing with his friends, and eating everything in sight. He may look big and beefy but, like most well-treated pit bulls, he's just a big pile of love.

Sakai is the best friend of Blue Pit BBQ
Barbecue & Whiskey Bar.
1601 Union Ave
Baltimore, Maryland 21211

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