Do you photograph dogs in the rain?

As we use studio style strobes and mono lights when shooting on location, expensive equipment that is unfortunately not weather resistant, we are unable to photograph dogs outside in inclement weather.

What is your rain and inclement weather policy?

If it looks like it might rain during your on-location shoot, you are welcome to change it to an in-home or in-studio shoot. Dog portrait session types that are forced to change or rescheduled due to inclement weather are precluded from our last minute rescheduling policy. However, please note that changes in the session location may impact deposit requirements or minimum print commitments. While this might sound like restrictive boilerplate fine print, in most instances changing venues actually lowers deposit requirements and minimum print commitments for most clients, as our studio session are one of the more economical styles of dog portrait shoots that we offer.

What happens if my on location shoot becomes a studio pet portrait session?

If your environmental portrait or on location shoot is converted into a studio pet portrait, this will likely decrease your minimum print commitment by a substantial margin. If your paid nonrefundable deposit exceeds your new minimum print commitment, we will waive the sitting fee for your studio session and apply 100% of your deposit to your first print order as a prepaid print credit.

To change locations or shoot types, please call the studio at 443.604.0711

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