Sitting Fees, Minimum Commitments and Print Costs





We waive 100% of all sitting fees for private dog portrait clients that meet or exceed their minimum print order commitment on their first print order placed within 30 days of the session date. Sitting fees and minimum post session print commitments vary by region, but generally increase the further a session is from our studio in Baltimore.

Please note this list is for private pet portrait commissions only and is limited to sessions held within our regular service area. For commercial projects, group sessions or travel assignments please call (443.604.0711) for a custom quote.

Studio Sessions

Private Pet Portrait Session at the Puptrait Studio in Baltimore - $99 Deposit / $199 Minimum Print Commitment

Paper Hats Session at the Puptrait Studio in Baltimore - $99 Deposit / $399 Minimum Print Commitment


Anne Arundel County - $399 Deposit / $599 Minimum Print Commitment

Baltimore City & Baltimore County - $299 Deposit / $499 Minimum Print Commitment

Carroll County - $699 Deposit / $999 Minimum Print Commitment

Frederick County - $699 Deposit / $999 Minimum Print Commitment

Harford County - $699 Deposit / $999 Minimum Print Commitment

Howard County - $399 Deposit / $599 Minimum Print Commitment

Montgomery County - $699 Deposit / $999 Minimum Print Commitment

Prince George's County - $699 Deposit / $999 Minimum Print Commitment

Additional Maryland areas serviced, please call 443.604.0711 for info

Washington D.C. & Virginia

Alexandria - $799 Deposit / $1,199 Minimum Print Commitment

Clarke County - $799 Deposit / $1,199 Minimum Print Commitment

Fairfax County - $799 Deposit / $1,199 Minimum Print Commitment

Loudoun County - $799 Deposit / $1,199 Minimum Print Commitment

Manassas - $799 Deposit / $1,199 Minimum Print Commitment

Prince William County - $799 Deposit / $1,199 Minimum Print Commitment

Richmond - $1,499 Deposit / $1,999 Minimum Print Commitment

Washington D.C. - $999 Deposit / $1,499 Minimum Print Commitment

Additional Virginia areas serviced, please call 443.604.0711 for info


Adams County - $699 Deposit / $999 Minimum Print Order Commitment

Bucks County - $699 Deposit / $999 Minimum Print Order Commitment

Chester County - $699 Deposit / $999 Minimum Print Order Commitment

Delaware County - $699 Deposit / $999 Minimum Print Order Commitment

Lancaster County - $699 Deposit / $999 Minimum Print Order Commitment

Montgomery County - $699 Deposit / $999 Minimum Print Order Commitment

Philadelphia County - $999 Deposit / $1,499 Minimum Print Order Commitment

York County - $699 Deposit / $999 Minimum Print Order Commitment

Additional Pennsylvania areas serviced, please call 443.604.0711 for info


Your Puptrait session isn't just a photoshoot with your favorite fur baby. When you hire us to photograph your dog, you're setting a production team into motion to thoughtfully create for you a one-of-a-kind piece of wall art for your home or office. Our session length, lighting style, concepts and even our proofing process are designed entirely around this approach.

We want to do everything we can to ensure that your end product is something that is going to bring you and your family joy for years to come. Which is why our clients are free to purchase as many or as few prints as they like. Some clients prefer to purchase many smaller prints. A good number go for one or two larger prints. But we don't require that you purchase prints at all. In fact, if you fail to meet your minimum print requirement there is no penalty or additional cost beyond your sitting fee, which is conveniently equal to the deposit you make upon booking your session. However, if you meet or exceed your minimum print commitment we will waive your sitting fee and apply 100% of your deposit towards your first print order.

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The Puptrait Studio is the only place you will find our signature Paper Hats collection.

Often imitated but never replicated, each Paper Hat is truly a one-of-a-kind creation, designed and crafted by hand over the course of several days from multiple layers of up-cycled post consumer paper scraps, by our studio founder and master pet photographer, J.B. Shepard.

Paper Hats are never dyed or painted, but instead achieve their unique geometric patterning and coloration from careful sorting and placement of varying tints, hues and shapes of newsprint clippings. This organic process ensures that no two Paper Hats are ever the same and due to the fragile nature of assembly, each hat can only be used in a handful of pet portrait sessions before being retired forever.

A rotating collection of Paper Hats is maintained at our Baltimore studio location containing a variety of unique designs, patterns and sizes. These hats are available exclusively for use during in-studio dog portrait sessions. Selections vary as new hats are created and older hats are retired, but pet portrait clients seeking a specific aesthetic or looking to use a Paper Hat during an on-location or in-home portrait session are welcome to commission a custom designed Paper Hat for an additional fee. Please note custom made Paper Hat creations require at least one week notice and may require an additional deposit prior to your session date. Please call 443.604.0711 for details specific to your commission prior to booking your session.

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We never up-sell overpriced novelty photo products, like canvases, wallet sized photos, albums or other cheap photo gimmicks. We only use Kodak Professional Endura Premier Metallic paper for our photographic prints and LexJet Sunset Photo Metallic Paper for our mounted prints. Both professional grade photo papers weigh a hefty 255 gsm and are 10 mil thick. While slightly more expensive than many other paper options, they lend an unparalleled quality to our photographic prints. With a high gloss finish and a slightly metallic grain, these papers lend an almost 3D look and feel, adding an exceptional level of depth to blacks, greater details in shadowed areas and additional vibrancy to colors while maintaining flattering but realistic flesh and fur tones.


We offer two ready-to-hang mounting options, dibond (back facing mount) and acrylic (forward facing mount). Both of our standard mounting options use the same high quality archival quality photographic paper as our regular paper prints. Both styles of mounting do come at a premium, as their material and shipping costs can be substantial, however it should be noted that even accounting for the additional expense, these ready-to-hang mounting options are often, especially in larger sizes, equatable in cost to custom matted and framed prints, but remain unrivaled in their ability to protect prints from damage caused by light scratches, acid, humidity, UV rays and other archival concerns.

Looking for a more conservative or traditional look? No problem. Both mounting options are compatible with most floating frame systems. You can learn more about the costs and specific benefits of each mounting method below.

a photo of a foxhound hoping out of the screen wiht happy clouds behind him baltimore


All prints are printed on Kodak Professional Endura Premier Metallic paper and LexJet Sunset Photo Metallic Paper. Post processing, basic editing and standard ground shipping included for all orders shipping within the Continental United States. However, prices do not factor for sales tax for orders shipping within Maryland. Please note that there is a premium charge for rushed production and expedited delivery.

 8" x 12"  - $99
12" x 18" - $249
16" x 24" - $349
20" x 30" - $449
24" x 36" - $549
30" x 40" - $649

Larger sizes and other aspect ratios available. Please contact us for custom quote pricing. Shipping is not included in custom orders.

art portrait of a dog wearing a pink hon beehive wig and a dog wearing a bowler cap infront of the bromo seltzer tower in downtown baltimore


Please note all shipping cost estimates are provided only as a convenience and are based on historical shipping costs to locations within the contiguous United States of America.

Costs may vary depending on market rates at the time your order is placed, the size of your order, and where you are located.

  • Rush Production:  + 25% print cost + 25% min. print commitment
  • Overnight Shipping Standard Paper Prints:  + ~$50 per address
  • Overnight Shipping Standard Mounted Prints: + ~$100-$250 per print
  • Overnight Shipping Custom Size Prints: market price


  • Acquisition of Props & Sets: Materials + 15%
  • Paper Hats Studio Session: $200 increase to print commitment
    • Applies to in-studio sessions using premade Paper Hats only
    • Custom hat designs require additional $75 an hour design fee
      • Custom hats require at least 1 week notice for build time
  • Design & Build of Props & Set Pieces: $75 an hour
  • Casting Calls: Modeling Fee + 15% (Min. $25 per dog)
  • Touch-Ups, Leash Removal, & Compositing: $75 an hour
  • RealRoom Proofing: $75 per render
    • fee waived with purchase of mounted 20" x 30" mounted print
  • Commercial Photography: $100 an hour or $700 per 8 hour day

Please contact us for Extended Commercial Licensing and Resale Pricing

Backing and Ready-to-Hang Mounting Options

We offer two ready to hang mounting options that do not require frames (Dibond and Acrylic) but these methods may be paired with a floating frame system. All of our mounting methods utilize the same high quality photo paper as our unmounted prints. While quite expensive to produce and ship, it should be noted that both the Acrylic and Dibond mounting methods may still provide a significant savings over the cost of custom framing in larger sizes, especially when compared to frames and mattings that provide similar protection against UV radiation, scratches, shattering or other archival concerns, like PH or moisture.

  • Styrene Backing (Requires Framing):  Print cost + 50%
    • We strongly recommend this mounting option for any clients planning to matte and frame prints on their own. Styrene is a smooth and extremely rigid black plastic material that mounts directly to the back of paper photo prints. Styrene lends additional durability to paper photo prints, helping to prevent tearing, wrinkling, warping and bending of prints over time. Styrene mounted prints are roughly 2mm thick and ship flat.
  • Dibond Mounting (Ready-to-Hang):  Print cost + 100%
    • Dibond is a nice, modern looking semi durable back mounted ready-to-hang solution. The material consists of a styrene core sandwiched between two thin sheets of aluminum. Its rigidity and light weight make it a great option for very large pieces. The print is mounted to the dibond and protected with a satin laminate providing a softer matte finish that is excellent at preventing and hiding minor scratches and fingerprints. Dibond prints can be gently wiped clean with a warm damp rag. They arrive ready-to-hang with a pleasant looking wooden block and wire hanging system mounted to the back.
  • Acrylic Mounting (Ready-to-Hang): Print cost + 200%
    • Our most durable mounting option, our standard 1/8" thick acrylic front facing mounting option offers an incredibly modern and brilliant display that no other presentation can match. Unlike traditional glass, where light simply passes through, the light refracts within the acrylic layer creating tremendous vibrancy when paired with metallic paper and overhead lighting. These prints are exceptionally durable and great for high traffic or high humidity areas, like kitchens, foyers and lobbies. They arrive ready-to-hang with a pleasant looking wooden block and wire hanging system mounted to the back. These prints can be gently wiped clean with a warm damp rag. However, for a deeper clean and polishing we recommend using Brillianize and a micro fiber cloth. Do NOT use Windex.
  • Acrylic Mounting + Thickness Upgrade (Ready-to-Hang): Print cost + 300%
    • We strongly recommend the thickness upgrade for acrylic mounted print sizes larger than 16" x 24". This mounting option increases the thickness of the front mounted transparent layer by 4x. A half inch of clear acrylic allows prints to achieve maximum depth and radically improve the material's refraction properties. Please note that due to the increased weight of these prints, they require a more secure aluminum cleat hanging system. The aluminum cleat system functions similar to how you might expect to mount a flat screen TV to wall, where a square aluminum subframe is mounted directly to the back of the print which then attaches to a wall mounted strip of aluminum. The acrylic thickness upgrade includes a complimentary diamond buffed edge polish to ensure maximum side viewing clarity and internal light refraction properties, as well as a 2oz bottle of Brillianize and microfiber cloth for cleaning and polishing.


All deposits and paid print orders are nonrefundable. However, clients may reschedule for no additional charge with 72 hours notice.

While great effort is taken to ensure consistency through the printing process, some variations in luminosity, hue and saturation are to be expected. Prints are guaranteed to be free of production errors and shipping damage such as tears, faulty ink coverage, and streaks. If your prints are found to be damaged in production or by shipping we will work with you to quickly supply replacement prints. If you believe your prints have arrived damaged, please email support@puptrait.com a description of the damage, a photograph of the damaged print and a photograph of any damage to the shipping crate or box. Please retain the prints and shipping materials as they may need to be returned.


Sessions are sitting fee FREE for clients who meet their minimum print order commitment within 30 days of their session

a memorial portrait of a terminally ill boxer looking at an angel feather
a colorful portrait of a large breed dog rolling on his back and playing wiht a treat on camera for an in home session
a portrait of a cocker spaniel dog wearing a red white and blue top hat captured at the puptrait studio in baltimore