Puptrait Guest Contributor Guidelines

Interested in becoming a Puptrait bog guest contributor?

There are few things to consider before sitting down to write or submitting your post.

Write content worth posting

Web pages take time to upload and to download and read. Write content that is worthy of the time it takes to do both.

Post worthy content is always…

  1. Original – Probably the most important of our guidelines. We do not accept any duplicate or repurposed content. If you copy and paste content from your own website or elsewhere, we’ll know. More importantly, the search engines will know. If you are caught sending us duplicate content we will delete all of your previous submissions and black list you from the guest contributor program without warning.
  2. Substantial – Our blog is for articles, not Twitter posts or Instagram updates. Your submission should dense and of medium length, meaning it should present an idea, a solution and a conclusion of value over the course of several paragraph. Photographs are great to include, but they must be of decent quality (we are a dog photography studio after all) and you must have permission to use the photos. If you did not take the photo you are submitting you must submit along with a copy of the license lending you permission to use the image. If you mislead us or fail to inform us about the ownership of your photo you will be held legally and civilly responsible for the damages caused by its use.
  3. Error Free – Please ensure that your post is free of typos, grammatical errors or other syntax issues. Do not write in all caps. Do not write in short hand, use colloquialisms or lean on cliches to make your point. It’s lazy, degrades the perceived value of your content and makes it difficult for individuals outside of your local area or immediate subculture to understand.
  4. Balanced – Your content should present an issue, provide a solution and then a conclusion or summary. If you can manage to promote your product, service or organization as a relevant solution, feel free to include it in your post. Otherwise we will promote your organization or business in your author block. Even if your company is a 100% relevant solution to the problem you’ve identified you should still not use more than 30% of your post to promote your service, product or business. Remember we’re looking for engaging content here not press releases.

Write content worth reading

This is a simple concept and this notion is the very heart of content marketing, but all too often contributors miss the point of why we’re writing in the first place.

If you want your content to go viral (and who doesn’t?) it needs to be shared. Which means it has to be interesting enough for someone to not only want to read it, but also interesting to the point that they feel other should be reading it.

What makes content interesting?

If you want people to enjoy your content there are a few factors you should consider.

Namely, is the post…

  1. Surprising – Is the reality of your topic counter intuitive or contrary to what most people believe? Shocking resolutions tend to encourage sharing, but avoid link baiting tactics that needlessly shocking.
  2. Educational– Does your post teach a new idea, skill or somehow help people do something better? Most people love to consume time saving hacks or easy to consume factual tidbits (particularly those that reinforce an existing mindset).
  3. Entertaining – Is your post funny, uplifting, aspirational, dramatic or suspenseful? Avoid depressing topics or negative words that a reader may construe as a personal attack .
  4. Accessible – Is your post simple for your target audience to understand and your point easy to follow? If you’re writing for the benefit of the general public, try to use simpler wording and shorter phrases to present ideas. This is especially true for medical related posts and editorials. Always ask yourself, could a person who would benefit from this info understand this information as it is written.
  5. Relevant – Would someone who doesn’t know you, your company or product find this news applicable to their own situation? If you only service a particular area, mention that. If you’re talking about a product, focus less on what the product is and more on what problem the product helps solve.

Don’t forget to tell us about yourself

Every post submitted by a guest contributor includes an author block.

Along with your article, please be sure to include the following:

  1. Head shot – Like the author section on the back of a book jacket, we will include an image of you along with your author block at the end of your post.
  2. Self description – A quick 3-4 sentence blurb about who you are, where you are located, what you do and why you are an expert on the topic you are writing about.
  3. Promotional info – What are you trying to promote? In 1 to 2 sentences tell us about the product, event or organization you are here to promote. Be sure to include a link to your website or any other relevant info like service area or location dates.

Reciprocity is always appreciated

We lend priority consideration to guest post authors who provide reciprocal back linking. That’s not to say that we won’t post great original content without a back link or that we’ll post all back linking content regardless of the quality, but reciprocal links do tend to keep us motivated.

Product advertising is reserved for our clients

We don’t allow guest contributors to link to specific products or post other advertisements as guest post submissions unless it is either 1) a paid placement or 2) a product we have been hired to photograph. To learn more about hiring our studio to photograph your product or about paid placements please email commercial@puptrait.com

Things to keep in mind

Remember you are a guest contributor on our blog. As site owners we reserve final editorial rights and may modify, edit or add to your post at our own discretion at any time, and we are under no obligation to post your content at all, whole or in part. By submitting content you are granting us a nontransferable license to use your content or likeness in association with the post in perpetuity. And, by submitting a post for consideration you agree to follow all of the guidelines listed above.

Ready to submit your pet friendly article? Submit your contact info, topic idea and pet friendly website link to write4@puptrait.com