Give a gift they’ll cherish for a lifetime

Creative Dog Lover Gift

A Puptrait is a gift like no other

As any dog lover will tell you, dogs aren't simply pets. They are our closest companions, best friends and often favorite family member. A Puptrait is a celebration of that bond - the physical embodiment of the love and cherished memories shared between a guardian and their dog.

Which is why a Puptrait makes for such a deeply personal gift.

Whether you are surprising your spouse with a large format print of your fur baby or presenting your favorite dog lover with a gift certificate, you're giving a timeless gift that they will cherish for a lifetime.

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A thoughtful gift packaged with care

Puptrait gift packages are an easy and simple way to that special dog lover in your life something unique, memorable and deeply meaningful.

Unlike traditional gift certificates or gift cards you may find from your typical retailer, at the Puptrait Studio we don't sell cheap looking plastic gift cards or present guests with digital only vouchers.

Instead, our version of a gift certificate comes in the form of a luxurious invitation. They are mailed directly to the end recipient, introducing them to our studio and inviting them to schedule a session at their convenience. Printed on extra-thick (32 point) Mohawk SuperfineĀ® naturally textured paper, your gift recipient will know that they are holding something special before they even have a chance to open the envelope.

Puptrait gift packages are entirely customizable. Choose the value you would like to include on the card, or if you would prefer to be more hands on, instead select a collection of prints in the perfect sizes and ready to hang mounting options. They can even be sent anonymously.

For additional info or to order by phone please call +1(443)604-0711 or contact the Puptrait Studio via email.

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