Terms of Use & Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge a rescheduling fee?

There is no rescheduling fee for pet portrait sessions with 48 hours notice.

To reschedule please email the studio at rebook@puptrait.com. Rescheduling requests within 48 hours of your scheduled shoot date will require an additional deposit to be made to lock down a second future date and will raise a client’s post shoot print commitment by the additional deposit amount.

Should I have received a confirmation email?

Yes, you should have received a confirmation email when you booked your Puptrait appointment.

If you did not receive an email, please check your spam folder or call us immediately to confirm that your order was processed. The number at the studio is 443.604.0711.

Do you work with puppies or unvaccinated dogs?

Absolutely. We work with dogs of all ages, from knock kneed puppies to less mobile senior dogs.

If your dog has a behavior, mobility, training or health concern, such as not completing their second round of DHPP vaccinations (vaccines for distemper, adenovirus [hepatitis], parainfluenza, and parvovirus) please call prior to booking to ensure that we can accommodate your pet accordingly.

Do you supply props or costumes?

Due to health, parasite and disease transmission concerns we never reuse cloth or furry props between shoots. However, we do try to keep a small selection of Paper Hats available for private sessions at the studio. All Paper Hats are created by hand by our studio founder and lead pet photographer, J.B. Shepard. To learn more about our signature Paper Hats please review this post explaining Paper Hat session details

You are welcome to bring props to your session or for a fee we can acquire or build custom props and sets for your shoot. 

Please call the studio at 443.604.0711 learn more about our prop, costume and set building expertise.

Will you work with dogs with communicable diseases or parasites, like fleas?

No, unfortunately, we absolutely can not work with dogs with transmittable diseases or parasites.

If your dog has a communicable disease or parasite we will be unable to photograph them until your dog is healthy. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but we must put the safety or our patrons first and foremost.

Do you shoot outside in the rain?

We use studio style strobes and mono lights when shooting on location, expensive equipment that is unfortunately not weather resistant.

If it looks like it might rain during your on-location shoot, you are welcome to change it to an in-home or in-studio shoot. Please note that changes in location may effect print minimums if our location changes. To change locations or shoot types, please call the studio at 443.604.0711

Do dog owners need to be present for the shoot?

All dogs must be accompanied by an adult (18+) human who is familiar to the pet and comfortable handling them. This person does not have to be an owner, but should be someone who the dog trusts. Photo shoots can be a weird and stressful experience for dogs, having a familiar face and hand available will go along way towards making your animal feel at ease.

Will there be other dogs present during my studio session?

No. All studio sessions are held on “closed sets” and by appointment only, with a minimum of one hour padding allotted between all private portrait sessions. For this reason we strongly discourage clients from arriving more than 10 minutes prior to their scheduled appointment time.

Can I bring multiple dogs to my studio session?

We strongly encourage pet portrait clients with multiple dogs to book a separate studio session for each of their dogs. We have found that even bonded dogs from the same household tend to distract each other and needlessly complicate shoots. While we will attempt to make every reasonable accommodation to owners who insist on bringing multiple dogs to their session, at the end of the day these shoots rarely produce work equal in quality to our solo sessions. When you consider that we waive all sitting fees for pet portrait clients who meet their minimum print commitment and that purchasing just a single mounted print will exceed this threshold, it makes even less sense to bring two dogs to the same session. Trust us, the difference in quality is well worth the extra trip.

Do you work with untrained or poorly trained dogs?

We have worked with dogs of literally every training level, including free roaming strays in South America and recently rescued street dogs here in Baltimore, all without incident. That said, even a good dog can be triggered. Please let us know prior to your shoot if your dog has any aggressive tendencies. There’s no need to be embarrassed if this is the case, we work regularly with rescue animals and we completely understand. But we want to ensure that your dog during its portrait session is at it’s calm, natural state, and more importantly that everyone remains safe at all times.

Your print costs look expensive, I thought you were affordable?

Some of our mounted prints can admittedly get pretty expensive, especially at larger sizes. But that said, most professional pet photographers of comparable quality in the Baltimore / Washington D.C. area charge more just in sessions fees than we do for a studio session, editing, proofing, printing and delivery of a 12″x18″ dibond mounted prints. When comparing total investment costs most budget conscious dog owners find the Puptrait Studio to be one of the more affordable professional dog portrait studios in the region. 

How do I pick what prints I want?

After your dog photography session we will take a few days to go through your images and hand pick the absolutely best of the best. We will then use digital editing tools to improve these dozen or so high quality images – maximizing sharpness, color, tone and contrast. When your images are ready they are then uploaded to a dedicated online proofing page for you to review and we will schedule a print consultation to walk through your various paper, size and mounting options, as well as answer any questions you may have. You should expect your print consultation should take roughly 15 to 30 minutes, but these print consultations can go a little longer for larger jobs or when a client has a lot of questions.

Will I receive digital copies of my prints?

Absolutely. You’re welcome to download and share the watermarked digital proofs from your session. These files are web ready and mobile friendly, and as such should upload quickly to most social media platforms. However, digital proofs are not full resolution and we do not recommend attempting to print these files on your own.  

What if I don’t need prints?

A lot of our commercial pet product and pet centric small business clients don’t want prints, and we’re happy to work with them on a per diem or hourly rate instead. For quotes and availability for commercial dog photography, please send your RFP or shoot spec to commercial@puptrait.com.

What happens if I fail to meet my minimum print commitment? 

If you fail to meet your minimum post shoot print commitment within 30 days of your proofing date, the only thing that happens is that we apply your deposit to your session fee instead of your print, i.e. your sitting fee is not waived. For most clients, their deposit amount and session fee are the same. But if you meet your minimum print commitment we will waive your session fee and apply 100% of your prepaid sessions fees to your print order.

Does the Puptrait Studio supply dog models for commercial shoots?

We are not an animal talent agency. However, if a production concept requires the recruitment of canine talent, chances are we can find the right dog to bring your vision to life. To learn more about acquiring canine talent booking, please send your RFP, script or shoot spec to comm@puptrait.com

Is the Puptrait Studio insured?

Absolutely. We carry commercial liability and E&O insurance.

Do you guarantee or warranty your work?

Our photo prints are guaranteed to be 100% free of printing and manufacturing errors such as streaks and tears. Please note that while we take great lengths to ensure consistency throughout the proofing process, we can not guarantee variations in tone, luminosity or saturation for the simple fact that we have zero control over how your monitor is calibrated. If you do receive flawed prints, return the item in its original packaging within 14 days of receipt, and we will replace the faulty prints at no additional charge. You are responsible for return shipping costs. We strongly encourage you to return your item via a trackable method. We are not responsible for damage arising to prints after they have been received by the customer.

What is your refund policy?

All deposits and print orders are non refundable. We use only the best photo printers, paper and mounting materials resulting in a significant investment in production expenses for each order and as such, paid print orders can not be cancelled or refunded. Gift packages and gift cards are non refundable and can not be redeemed for cash.

Do you sell gift certificates, gift cards or can I gift a Puptrait session?

Absolutely. To purchase gift cards please visit our shop on K9RT.com. There you will find a wide selection of values to choose from. Alternatively, if you are looking for something a bit more specific you can contact the studio and set up a custom package.

When do gift cards expire?

Puptrait Studio gift cards are valid for 60 months (5 years) from date of purchase.  

What is K9RT.com? How is K9RT.com affiliated with the Puptrait Studio?

K9rt.com is web store and online gallery owned by the Puptrait Studio. The website currently sells Puptrait Studio gift cards. However, we have plans to soon expand the website’s offerings to include other items. Puptrait.com will remain where we host our studio’s portfolio and continue to book photographic pet portrait commissions. We will also be maintaining our existing print on demand line of licensed merch on RedBubble, as this shop takes us zero effort to maintain and benefits our favorite rescue group, Bella’s Bully Buddies. But all of our premade dog related items and inventory — including gift cards, signature fine art prints, paintings, sculptures, couture dog gear and apparel — will be sold on K9rt.com alongside similar work and items from other artists, many of whom are not otherwise directly affiliated with our studio.

Will you donate to our dog or pet centric nonprofit, rescue or advocacy?

Maybe. We try to help when we can. But we ask that you please keep in mind that we are a small studio. We try to actively support a number of local dog related nonprofits, including Bella’s Bully Buddies, the Baltimore Bully Crew and BARCS. But if we can do more to help, we want to do more to help. We regularly donate free appointment slots to help adoptable and foster dogs find forever homes. If you operate a rescue please reach out to us about our availability.

I’ve seen your probono work, how can I help you shoot more?

Currently we donate roughly 1 day a week to the shooting of foster and rescue dogs in hope of helping them find forever homes. We’re also working on a fine art portrait series featuring fosters from Bella’s Bully Buddies called “Bullies of Baltimore” in front of local landmarks and sights, of which 100% of profits will donated back to support Bella’s. If you would like to help us shoot even more dogs and make a larger impact with this fantastic organization, please consider purchasing merch from our webstore. Besides receiving great looking merch designed just for dog lovers, each purchase helps us afford to spend more probono work with unhomed dogs and a portion of each purchase goes directly to Bella’s Bully Buddies.

Do you accept guest bloggers?

We do. If you are a dog or pet expert, such as a veterinarian, animal behavioralist, groomer, or representative of a pet product and would like to contribute to the Puptrait blog, please contact us at guest@puptrait.com. Please be sure to view our guest contributor guidelines prior to inquiring.