Photographing dog portraits in homes and on locations throughout Maryland, Washington D.C. & Virginia

  • a Puptrait is

    more than just

    a dog photo

  • every Puptrait is

    a celebration of a

    most special bond

  • a loving memory


    in print

  • thoughtfully

    crafted with

    skill & care

  • into a keepsake

    you'll cherish

    for a lifetime


States Serviced

Available for on-location and in-home dog portrait sessions in Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, Delaware, & Pennsylvania.

Hours Per Dog

We invest a lot of time into every Puptrait. A typical commission requires roughly 1 hour of consultations, 2 hours of shooting and 4 hours of post production to ensure flawless prints.

Photos per Shoot

Our team painstakingly curates the set down to only a dozen of the most frame worthy photos. These final images are then fully edited and prepared for printing prior to proofing.



It's not uncommon for dog owners to come to us thinking their dog is "unshootable" - but in the entire history of our studio we have never (not even once!) met a dog we couldn't work with.

In fact, we have successfully worked with dogs of virtually every level of training, age, size, temperament and personality type.


It sounds simple, but one of the biggest things we find that make or break a session is patience. Dogs need time to relax, open up in front of the camera and achieve their natural (more) calm state. We find most sessions require roughly an hour of shoot time. But it's not unusual for some dogs to require more time, and in those instances, we'll stay and work with your pet for as long as we need to for no additional charge.


The benefit to working with a studio that photographs only dogs, is that we're set up to meet the unique needs and expectations of dogs (and their owners). We know what works and what doesn't. Regardless of whether we're shooting in-home or on location, we'll work closely with you to make your Puptrait session fun, enjoyable, and completely stress free. Just bring your dog and we'll take care of everything else - lights, treats, even belly rubs.


One of the things that draws people to dogs are their unique personalities. Between the various breed types, training levels and differences in temperament no two dogs are ever the same and neither are any two sessions. Some dogs work well off leash, but many don't. Some mutts will sit still for hours, others can only be photographed while they catch their breath between fetch sessions. We will work with you to design and capture a photo concept that works with your dog's unique and specific temperament.


Do you know where you would like to hang your print, but you're unsure of what size to order? With our RealRoom Proofing you no longer need to guess. Just send us a photo of your space and we'll create photorealistic mock up renders roughly detailing what different sized prints of your new favorite piece of pet art will look like hanging in your home.


We might be all about the prints but we understand how important sharing your new photos on Instagram and Facebook can be. Which is why all Puptrait clients receive watermarked web ready and social media friendly digital copies of images from their session. Your photos will be available in our proof section for long after your prints have arrived, so if you need to download the images again or to another different device, doing so is as simple as visiting our website.


Unlike a lot of other photo studios, we only charge for prints. Meaning we don't charge sitting fees, studio fees or session fees for non-commercial clients who meet their post shoot minimum print order commitment. However, it should be noted that we do require a nonrefundable deposit upon booking. Both deposit and minimum print order commitment amounts vary on a county by county basis, with amounts increasing the further a shoot location is from Baltimore City.

  • All custom portrait commissions

    are now 100% sitting fee FREE

    with minimum print commitment

Anatomy of a Puptrait Session

a step-by-step breakdown of what goes into a typical Puptrait commission

We've designed our canine portrait sessions with convenience and accessibility in mind. When you need to speak with us we're available, with free phone consultations prior to and following your session. But otherwise you're free to move at your own speed, unrushed and unpressured with scheduling, proofing and payment tools all located conveniently online.

Step #1: Convenient Online Booking

View available openings and schedule an appointment with our easy to use online calendar. We do require a deposit when scheduling session, but this is simply to ensure we're working with clients serious about commissioning seriously good pet art. In fact, meet your post shoot minimum print commitment and we'll waive the sitting fees for your session, so 100% of your deposit is applied to your first order.

Got your dates crossed? No worries. Rescheduling is 100% FREE with 72 hours notice.

Step #2: Pre-Shoot Phone Consultation

A 15-30 minute phone consultation during which we will discuss the logistics of your shoot, as well as conceptual and aesthetic considerations. Our goal for this call is to become more familiar with your dog, its needs, where we're shooting (in home, on location or in studio), what to expect when we are on location, and what we are trying to capture conceptually.

If we have need for speciality costumes or custom designed set pieces, we'll walk through these items during our call, to ensure we keep costs under budget and production on your timeline.

Step #3: Shoot Day!!!

The big day! We will generally spend anywhere from 1-2 hours working with your dog. Generally we like to spend the first 15-30 minutes of this time working with the dog without a camera, building trust and getting to know the dog's specific temperament, behaviors and learned commands.

For environmental portraits and in-home sessions, please allow an additional 20 minutes for set up, staging and breakdown.

Step #4: Post Processing & Online Proofing

We will painstakingly curate, digitally enhance and prepare for printing roughly a dozen our most frame worthy images from our session and upload the images to our website's online proofing section. Unless requested otherwise, we typically give clients about a week to view these images before we meet again to discuss printing. We encourage clients during this time to think about final placement and how different images or print sizes will look when hung in a particular room or area of their home.

Clients are free to download and share their web friendly digital proofs with friends and on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

Step #5: Pre Print Phone Consultation

Once your proofs have been uploaded we'll reach out to schedule a brief print consultation. During this phone consult we'll discuss what images you prefer, where you are thinking of hanging your prints, and walk through our various printing and mounting options, including print sizes, paper finishes and mounting methods. We'll then put together a work order for the prints and email it to you for review. If everything looks correct, just pay the attached invoice online and we'll get started on producing your order.

Eliminate the guesswork with RealRoom Proofing. Normally $75 per room, this fee is waived with the purchase of a mounted print sized 20" x 30" or larger for each room rendered.

Step #6: FREE Delivery

Once your prints are shipped we will forward you a tracking number. And then all that's left is to wait for your shipment to be delivered. It's that easy!

Overnight shipping and rush delivery are extra.

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Wagging Tails

and happy clients

Come visit us at our new studio!

We are one of the few photography companies in the country with a physical studio space used exclusively for photographing dogs. Since we have a dog friendly dedicated production space, we are able to work with pets 365 days a year, 7 days a week, morning, noon and night.

Don't feel like making the drive to Baltimore? Or would simply prefer to shoot somewhere more scenic?

No worries, we'll bring the studio to you! With a full array of portable light stands, professional quality strobes, and battery packs - we're ready to shoot whenever and wherever is convenient for you.

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